What is Maka Tipi?

Well, Maka is actually a Native American word from the Sioux language and it means Earth. So, you could call us Earth Tipi too!

We are a boutique tipi and stretch tent company that creates amazing spaces and events with our alternative structures. We specialize in tipi weddings, corporate or brand events, birthdays and special occasions and festivals. With our stunning and unique venues, we can help you to make your event the most memorable and inspiring experience it could ever be.

Even though the tipi's we use are Nordic in origin, tipi's are linked to many cultures across the world that have an affinity to the land and their environment. That belief sits well with our own ethos and our desire to create an outdoor events company that delivers the highest quality venues that incorporate many natural elements into their design and are as kind on the environment as possible. This means using lots of rustic, handmade and vintage elements for our interiors and look for ways to recycle and re-purpose objects to fit in with our designs.

The Maka Inspiration

A couple of our team first came across the amazing Stratus Tipis at a team building event in Cornwall and were totally blown away by them, both visually and by their versatility. Those old cogs started turning and several years later our love of everything rustic, heritage and re-cycled was married with our love of the outdoors, and those magical tipis, to create Maka Tipi. 

We are a family run business with a strong team that has over 30 years experience within the events industry supporting us. We've worked for several event companies, including one of the largest Tipi providers in the UK, and found that they didn't really deliver that personal or intimate level of service that we believe every customer should receive and also lacked a more refined service for those looking for a little bit of luxury. We felt that the one size fits all approach didn't work for us and so took the decision to create Maka Tipi to provide clients with a totally bespoke service to inspire them to imagine and devise the events that they truly wanted, not something bought off the shelf. That's just one reason why we've added the beautiful bedouin tents to our collection, as they add that extra dimension of flexibility and class to what we can offer our clients and differentiate us from other providers.

Meet the team:


Mark is our Operations Manager and makes sure that everything runs smoothy with your event. With many years experience in retail operations, his attention to detail is amazing! He makes sure that we have absolutley everything we need to make your event truly memorable and also runs most of our tipi and tent builds. 


Kirsty is part of our planning and operations team and comes from a very impressive background in corporate events planning and organisation. She meets and helps our clients to put together their dream wedding reception, the perfect corporate function to impress future clients or the most amazing birthday celebrations.


Chris is part of the brains of the operation. He also gets out to meet our clients, introduce you to our little world and will help start planning your event. As well as meeting clients, he'll do site visits to ensure that your venue is suitable for our tipis or bedouin tents and will be there on build days to help put them up. A real jack of all trades you might say.


Andy is our jack of all trades and not only works on building our fabulous structures, but he is also in charge of creating our bespoke builds for clients. From bars and dj booths to creative signage, furniture and lighting, Andy can turn his hand to pretty much anything.

Our Fab Riggers

We believe that our amazing crew of riggers are the best in the business! Not only do they do a fantastic job of setting up all of our events, they are the most friendly and professional crew we have ever come across and we are proud to have them as part of our family. They have huge passion for what we believe in and really take pride in their work. We're sure that you will feel the same when you meet them too!

We think of ourselves as a little family, all pulling together to make Maka a special and vibrant business and a great place to work. We all want your event to be the most amazing, special and memorable experience and that comes from our belief that every event should be extraordinary and put together with a mix of love and attention to detail.

From our main base in Kent and offices in London, we mainly cover the South of the Uk, particularly London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. However we have ample resources, we are very flexible and more than capable of servicing all of the UK and parts of Europe. If you would like to know more on how we can help you create the most amazing and memorable day for you and your guests and to discuss your tipi hire or stretch tent hire requirements, please get in touch with one of our friendly team.

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