One thing all of our gorgeous tipi weddings have in common, apart from our amazing white giant hat tipis, are the glorious settings and venues in which they are held. Whether its an old country manor house, a picture perfect meadow, a farm field with an amazing view or an enchanting woodland, they all add to the magic of the day and bring out the best in our tipis.

We've decided to re-vamp our venues strategy and so we're on the lookout for some unique, beautiful and private venues that will compliment our stunning white giant hat tipis for our wonderful wedding clients.

So what are we looking for?

Well, you could be an existing venue that also wants to breath new life into your offering and provide something different for your wedding clients. You could be a private owner that wants to take advantage of some unused land or a farmer that wants to add an extra revenue stream by holding weddings on your land.

But whats in it for you?

We are the leading suppliers of unique and stunning white giant hat tipis in the UK. In fact, we are the first and original suppliers of these amazing structures and we set the bar very high in terms of our standards of quality and the boutique service we offer our clients. In addition to having our stunning tipis available to use for weddings, we can also promote your venue through our website, our online channels, at our open days and to our clients looking for a venue that will match their aspirations.

If this sounds like you and you would like to partner a successful and innovative company such as ours, then please get in touch with us by calling our office on 0207 4503917 or email us at